Web Design

The second step to marketing perfection is the creative. From the web design to the business cards, a seamless brand is an effective brand. Following the marketing plan we created in Stage 1, I will start with a website designed to convert.

Your new website

In Stage 1 we decided whether to target paid traffic or go all natural with Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short). This sets the path for our web design process.

Paid Traffic

We direct the paid traffic, the traffic from an advertisement, to a landing page style website. This is where we turn the prospect into a lead. It will be a simple one page design that features quick facts about your services followed by a capture point where we capture the users information. This is done in a variety of ways. My favorite method is the give something get something approach. If you give me your contact information, I will give you a free marketing consultation. It is very important that the visitor gains value from the exchange.

Natural Traffic

The website will look very different from the paid designs if we decide to go the SEO route. Your website will have multiple pages describing your business and what you do, most importantly it will have a blog. We use the blog to create and share quality posts that provide value to your visitors. For instance, a landscaper would have a blog that details how to get the perfect lawn stripes. A designer might talk about design rules and tips for great designs every time. At the end of the post, there is a call to action that brings the user to a sales page.

What else do we create

There are a few other pieces of creative as well.

  • New business cards
    • When you host your website with me, I will set up custom email addresses so you don’t have to use gmail or yahoo anymore. This helps establish that seamless brand I mentioned earlier.
  • Sales flyers
    • Part of what makes Johnson City great is the community it has. Keep a few flyers in the car; you never know when you meet someone who could use your services.
  • Social Media pages
    • In Stage 1 we determine which social media outlets will benefit your company. It’s time to make those accounts.

What’s next

We have a plan, and we have the proper tools to carry it out. That leaves Stage 3 for execution.

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