250 Websites by the End of 2018

My goal is to help 250 Johnson City businesses take control of their online marketing by the end of 2018 by providing affordable web design services and coaching business owners through successful marketing campaigns.

My Arrival

I moved to Johnson City in February of 2017. Once I had everything unpacked and I felt settled in, I wanted to learn more about the businesses and attractions in the area. I took to Google to find all the things to do in the city, only to find a list of breweries and restaurants in the downtown area. There has to be more to the area than what is downtown; I just knew it. The next day, I decided the best way to find things to do was to drive around. I traveled up and down Roan, State of Franklin, and Market. Immediatly it was easy to see the area was thriving with so many neat shops! Why are none of them online?!

My Offering

Fast forward a little over a year, and I am proud to call the city home. I enjoy my weekly cookie at the bakery on market, horseback riding off of Cherokee, and so many more things the city has to offer. It is my turn to offer something to the city something in exchange for the generous hospitality. I am giving every entrepreneur the opportunity to expose their brand online through my web starter kit. Inside is a customized WordPress website, a year of web hosting, an executable marketing plan and so much more – all tailored to the very businesses that make this community so great. What are you waiting for? Schedule a chat with me and get your web starter kit now!