Your beautiful, sleek new website is completed. You have awesome new business cards with your own custom email addresses, and of course social media pages established. This is your foundation. It has settled, now let’s follow our blueprints and build the biggest most bad ass house on the block.

Paid Traffic

During Stage 1, we created a marketing plan. In the plan we determined paid traffic would be the most effective way to drive traffic to your website. The landing pages were set in Stage 2; now we drive traffic! Facebook and Google both offer amazing advertising services.

First, we will start with Google. I will show you how to find keywords, test ads, and scale effective ads. Google ads are cool because you target search phrases that prospects are searching on Google. Have a plumbing company? Run ads on “Johnson City Plumber” and the approximate 50 searches every month will see you at the top. The best part is, a click for plumbers costs less than $6 at the time I’m writing this article.

Second on the list of advertising services is Facebook. Facebook is powerful because you target someone based on their demographics, location, interests, estimated income, and so much more. For instance, I run ads to self employed men and women ages 25-45 in the Johnson City area. On the ads, which appear as Sponsored posts in users news feeds, users will read copy I create and see a picture I choose. If they are interested in my web packages, all they need to do is click over to my landing page where I capture their contact info. Even if I can’t capture their information right then, I can run a retargeting campaign and remind them about my services on websites outside of Facebook.

Natural Traffic

Natural traffic is a little more advanced to execute. It takes time. Rather than paying Google to display your website at the top on various search terms, I’ll show you how to create blog posts and articles on a set schedule to post on your website. Say you give Segway tours downtown, you might make articles about things to do in Johnson City. Somewhere in each article you will promote your tours, as well as provide insight into the various things you can do around town.

This is also where social media comes in. You can promote your social pages in store as well as on your website. Gathering likes form your current clients is powerful because you can post on social media about your blog posts, current promotions, and things that people who use your business can benefit from. This is a quick way to create repeat customers and develop your brand.

Is it really that simple?

It really is that simple. Online advertising is targeting traffic, capturing leads, then handing them off to your sales team to finish the job! With a little trial and error, you can grow your local business using the internet. Ready to get started online? Click here to claim your web starter package now!

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